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Teibar T50 Intelligent Background Music Host.

T50 intelligent background music host.

Exquisite and small,

Simple and elegant.

Back shell-white aluminum brushed metal,Panel-pure black glossy.It can be installed concealed.Left LED indicator,

Easy identification.

Right IR receiver window,

Easy remote control

Support AirPlay, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

9 connection methods.

Easy to implement,

Multi-room control throughout the house.

Sound source sampling frequency is up to

Highest standard 192kHz / 24bit,

Let you immerse in non-destructive music .


Open network ports,

Seamless connection with smart home systems.

TEIBAR invisible speakers ,

Connect T50,

Open apps such as Shrimp, QQ, Himalayan ,

AirPlay one-click push,

Massive high-quality sound source-

Music, reading aloud, crosstalk, stories, etc.

Make the whole room more rooms,

Easy to own,

Another kind of sonic situation.

Music flow,

Affectionately emerged.


Intelligent background music system.

Applicable places,

Family: living room, study, dining room,

Bedroom, balcony, swimming pool, etc .;Business: hotels, shops, restaurants, etc.


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