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Raidho was named the best sound room at the Munich High End Show 2024 by Soundnews

"Last year, Raidho impressed us with their slender X2T speakers, which seemed to defy the laws of physics. But what about the latest X2.6? Well, let’s just say I didn’t encounter a bigger-sounding speaker at the show with a similar enclosure. Raidho masters soundstage like no other; they are true virtuosos in this realm. And the dynamics? I was speechless. The only thing left to do was to bob my head along with the Techno Viking on the show floor. My friend Catalin owns the TD1.2 bookshelf speakers, and he vowed that upon returning home, he needs to try the X2.6 in his own listening space. I have nothing to fault the X2.6 for; they sound perfect to me. And no, I don’t have even a tiny bit of bias. These are genuinely extraordinary speakers, which will have little to no competition at $15,000. I mean that with every fiber of my being."

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