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COVID-19 Lockdown- Get Your Home Entertainment Needs Now.

To help limit the spread of COVID-19, we will be closed for business from Tuesday 7 April as ordered by the Government.. Staying home means we’d be needing to keep ourselves and our families spirits up. And one of the best ways of keeping spirits up is with Music and Movies. Watch your favourite Netflix and You Tube feeds through better sounding streaming speakers. Listen to Spotify through our Teibar Streamers and Scansonic Active Bluetooth speakers.

If you haven’t gotten your much-needed home entertainment gear to tide you through this temporary lockdown, now’s the time. Hurry. We have many other fun solutions available to keep your family well entertained during this nationwide lockdown.

All of us at would like to encourage you to stay home, stay safe and stay clean. Keep in touch with us via Facebook.


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