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Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3

The Avantgarde Acoustic G3, or Generation 3, is the successor to the XD series. Based on the original Generation 1 models in 1993, it is the second time in 30 years that the models have been completely renewed. With the G3 series, Avantgarde Acoustic says that they have taken the horn principle to the extreme. The Trio G3 is combined with the SpaceHorn, the newest further development of the BassHorn, and new iTRON fully active modules (iTRON current drive amplifier), All the electronics are housed in exchangeable technology modules so that you can easily expand or upgrade your system.

The Avantgarde Acoustics Trio G3 features the new EvolutionAA driver generation, XT3 tweeter unit with new long throw horn and extended supertweeter frequency range. The optional integrated network capability for direct streaming of content such as Tidal, Spotify, DLNA, Roon, Airplay etc makes the Trio G3 system a large and extremely high-end plug and play system. New colours are also available.


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