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As it is Ansuz Philosophy only to use high quality materials to create our products we have succeded in finding the best suited cable to be the core for our different configurations and quality levels – and yes, you can do wonders with digital cables to.

So starting out with creating the best LAN cables for High-end purpose, we learned more of the significant role a switch plays in an High-end audio network, so of course we developed what we believe to be the best performing audio switch in the market.

The new Ansuz Power Switches are like a combination of a new upgraded version of a PowerBox and a Ethernet switch. So, a great power supply, best grounding in the market, efficient shielding, mechanical design with good grounding through Darkz Feet -naturally upgradable with Darkz and titanium balls. Beside that, you get a build in Power Box to power your active Ethernet and Digital cables (D2, D-TC & D-TC Supreme).

We have learned that our Noise Suppressing Coil Technology (NSC) has an two way impact to any setup; adding the Power Switch to your high-end music system and connecting it to your mains power distributor, not only will the streaming output benefit from the built in NSC technology, but in fact the entire setup.

Sound vise you’ll get the significant Ansuz, black and quiet background to the music. The gray haze that normally covers streaming music is totally gone. That is of course when you use the PowerSwitch in combination with Ansuz Ethernet cables.

Ansuz Power Switches and Ethernet cables actually brings streaming music to the same level as CD’s !!

The Ansuz Power Switch Box is state of the art, fitted with the best Ansuz technologies. Ansuz PowerSwitch comes 4 models; X·TC, A2, D2 and D·TC SUPREME.


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