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Ansuz Mainz8 D-TC Power Distributor

The Mainz8 D·TC unit exploits two different ways of conditioning the mains current, a passive and an active mechanism, the passive coil-based mechanism rounds of noise transients, so your Hifi equipment better deals with transient current noise and an active where the noise spike is sampled and a counter noise transient spike is added to further condition the current to an even lower noise floor for an unmatched clarity and spatial focus.

“Out of the box the noise floor must have dropped several stories. Talk about detail – depth and openness…. I’m hearing detail I never knew was there” – user in a forum

We now have the Mainz8 D-TC in our store and what better way than to listen to it for yourself? Don’t wait though, we have a feeling the stocks won’t be there for long. for more info


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