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Vinyl Saturday @ Event (03-11-2018)
7 November 2018

On the 3rd Nov 2018, we had hosted a marvellous event called Vinyl Saturday @, and the turnout was fantastic! We are greatly honoured by the support and presence of our friends and guests for the vinyl appreciation event. Everyone was having a great time enjoying the smooth sound our reference system had offered. Some of our friends even shared with us with their favourite vinyl albums too!

The reference system that was used for the event are as follows:

Avantgarde Acoustic Duo Mezzo XD Horn Loudspeakers
Reed Muse 3C Turntable with Tri-Planer Tonearm & Miyajima Lab Madake MC Cartridge
Audio Note M8 Line Pre-amplifier
Audio Note M6 RIAA Phono Stage
Assorted Ansuz Acoustics and Shunyata Research accessories

We would also like to congratulate Mr Sameer and Mr Kelvin for being the lucky winners for our Vincent Belanger’s “Pure Cello” Vinyl and Compact Disc albums.

There will be more events coming in the future, so follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and website for updates.


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