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Featured ProductDevialet Workshop Class @

We will be hosting a workshop on the Devialet Configurator.

This workshop will cover all the necessary information to get you started and to allow you to achieve the best sound Devialet Expert Pro has to offer.

So if you already owned or intending to purchase a Devialet Expert Pro integrated hybrid Class A/D amplifier, this is an opportunity you can't miss!

Call 63361450 or email us at to register.

Audio Note (UK) Factory Tour

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Ansuz Acoustic Speakz D2 cable Ansuz Acoustic Alan Sircom hifiplus
Avantgarde Uno XD Avantgarde Acoutics Steven R. Rochlin
Audio Note M10 Line Signature Preamplifier Review Audio Note Fred Crowder
Audio Note UK DAC 2.1X Signature Review Audio Note Scot Hull
Raidho Acoustics D-5.1 3-way Diamond Driver loudspeakers Raidho Acoustics Jonathan Valin The Absulute Sound
Audio Note Meishu Line Silver Signature Integrated Amplifier Audio Note Rafe Arnott
Audio Note Quest Silver monoblock amplifiers Part 2 Audio Note Chris Redmond
Audio Note OTO Phono SE Signature Audio Note audio@home
Avantgarde Zero 1 TA Avantgarde Acoutics Alan Sircom
An introduction about Raidho D4.1 by Michael Børresen Raidho Acoustics Peter Breuninger AV Showroom

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Devialet Black Friday Sale 2018
21 November 2018

Click on image to read the full article ...Devialet Black Friday Sale 2018

Silver Phantom {Refurbished}
3,000 Watt Peak
105 dB ... [ » more ]

10 Reasons Why Devialet Is Tech’s Next Big Thing
21 November 2018

Click on image to read the full article ...10 Reasons Why Devialet Is Tech’s Next Big Thing


French audio technology start-up Devialet is already revolutionising the way we listen to music with the Phantom speaker and Expert Pro line of home audio systems.The next step? Bringing the best sound to every device you own.

Here’s why Devialet should be on your radar now—before it becomes a household name in the not-too-distant ... [ » more ]

Meet and greet with Lars Kristensen & Michael Borresen
17 November 2018

Click on image to read the full article ...Meet and greet with Lars Kristensen & Michael Borresen from Aavik Acoustics, Ansuz Acoustic & Borresen Acoustic. Join us as we introduce the new Borresen Acoustics loudspeakers.
Not to be missed & all are ... [ » more ]

Vinyl Saturday @ Event (03-11-2018)
7 November 2018

On the 3rd Nov 2018, we had hosted a marvellous event called Vinyl Saturday @, and the turnout was fantastic! We are greatly honoured by the support and presence of our friends and guests for the vinyl appreciation event. Everyone was having a great time enjoying the smooth sound our reference system had offered. Some of our friends even shared with us with their favourite vinyl albums too!

The reference system that was used for the event are as ... [ » more ]

Solid Tech Rack of Silence 4 Reference in walnut stained beech
7 November 2018

Click on image to read the full article ...Walnut is one of the most appreciated home decoration wood colors and it is about time Rack of Silence can parade in this color. Here below with Apparatus Support and screws in black.

Click ... [ » more ]

International Sound & Sight Exhibition 2018
29 October 2018

Click on image to read the full article ...We will be participating in the coming International Sound & Sight Exhibition 2018 from 16 To 18 November, 11.00am to 7.00pm at Parkroyal Hotel. Will have Two Rooms 717 & 718 this time. The First Room will feature Audio Note, Shunyata Denali & Dr.Feickert products. For the Second Room, we will feature HRS, Aavik, Ansuz, Raidho, Wadax & Borresen Acoustics. ... [ » more ]

Devialet Phantom Reactor belts out big bass in a small speaker
20 October 2018

Click on image to read the full article ...Devialet Phantom Reactor belts out big bass in a small speaker
Review By : Ty Pendlebury CNET Staff

"After likening its first Phantom speaker to a bomb, Devialet has kept the explosion theme for its latest wireless music product -- the Phantom Reactor. Like its larger brethren, the Reactor is a highly pressurized capsule said to deliver stunningly deep ... [ » more ]

Hands on Review: Devialet Phantom Reactor
16 October 2018

Click on image to read the full article ...Hands on Review: Devialet Phantom Reactor
By What Hi-Fi?

Sound quality:

Its sound is no less familiar. At a hotel briefing, we hear a handful of songs over Apple AirPlay, and each lays bare the speaker’s direct, clear and effortlessly room-filling delivery.

Indeed, the Reactor’s scale and loudness belies its modest proportions - spookily so, you could say. For some living spaces, the Reactor may still seem over the top. After all, its 98dB volume ... [ » more ]

Devialet New Phantom Reactor
10 October 2018

Click on image to read the full article ...This is Phantom Reactor, a new breed of wireless speaker. By stretching size and performance beyond reasonable limits, Devialet engineers have brought to life the only ultra-compact home sound system capable of delivering high fidelity and physical impact, whatever volume you listen at. Insanely powerful. Defiantly small. You won’t know what hits you.
» more ]

The Master Switch : Devialet Phantom Review
3 October 2018

Click on image to read the full article ...The Master Switch Devialet Phantom Review
Review by : ROB BOFFARD

"What We Like:
The Devialet Gold Phantom has the best bass of any wireless speaker, ever. That is a fact.
The overall sound quality is excellent, especially given what you pay.
The design is just incredible, and the level of technology will put a smile on anyone’s face.
Free Tidal ... [ » more ]

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16 June 2019, Sunday

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What our customers said ...
The stylus gauge arrived today and works perfectly. Thank you very much for the very good ...

- Harry [ more ... ]
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AVM Evolution C9 CD receiver
Gauder Akustik Berlina RC3 Speaker
Stahl-Tek Opus Transport and Opus DAC *Price Drop!
Aesthatix Janus Eclipse Preamplifier
Audio Research Reference 250 SE Monaural Amplifier
Blue note Koala CD player
Cavalli audio the hybrid eXstatA headphone amp
Verity audio Amadis speakers
  Clearaudio Matrix record cleaning machine
  Devialet D 250 Companion
Audio Note Conquest Silver Monoblock Poweramp
Audio Note M1 Line Preamplifier
Audio Note CDT Two/II
Esoteric SA-60 Universal Audio Player
  Thorens TD309 + Ortofon Quintet bronze cartridge
Audio Note OTO Line SE Signature Integrated Amp.
Cary Audio Design Xciter Integrated Amplifier
IKEDA IT-407 Dynamic Balance Type Tonearm
  Triode TRV-88SE integrated amplifier
  Airtight PC-1 Supreme cartridge
  Siltech Princess G7 XLR interconnect 1m
Avantgarde Acoustic Uno Picco
  Devialet 1000Pro Factory upgraded + Core infinity
  Avantgarde Zero 1 ( In White )
  Ayre Cx-5 EMP Universal Player
Dr Feickert Woodpecker Turntable Birch Lacquer
  Harmonix Golden Performance Interconnect XLR 1m
  Esoteric PC 9100 Mexcel Power Cord in 1.5M
  Acrolink PC 9100 Mexcel Power Cord in 2M
  Esoteric PC7100 Power Cord in 1.5M
  Thales tangential pivotal tonearm
  Kimber Kable KS 1036 1m interconnect
Ansuz Speakz Aluminium 2.5m/pr Spade-Banana
Ansuz Mainz US 1.5m Ceramic Powercord
Ansuz Mainz US 1.5m POM Powercord
  Furutech Nanoflux 1.8m Power Cord
Alluxity Integrated One Amplifier
Entreq Konstantin 2.5m Speaker Cables
Entreq Challenger 2.5m Bi-wired Speaker Cables
Acoustic Revive RL-30 Mark III Demagnetizer
ANKits L3 phono stage
  Audio Note AN-S3 Step Up Transformer
  Ayon Spirit III Integrated Amplifier with KT88
Avantgarde XA Pre & Power Amp
  Tri-Planar Mk VII U2 Tonearm
  Meridian Media Source 600
  Shunyata Ztron Anaconda XLR Interconnect 1.5 Meter
  Isoclean Super Focus 2m UK Power Cables C15
Shunyata Venom MPC-12 Power Distributor
Aesthetix Atlas Power Amp
Aesthetix Pandora Signature DAC
HIFIMAN HM901s Portable Player + Dock 1
AMR CD-77 Cd Player
  Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha C19 1.75M PowerCord
PurePower 1050 AC Power Regenerator & Battery Back
  Shunyata Anaconda Helix CX C19 1.75m Power Cords
  Harmonix Golden Performance HS101-SLC 2M SC
Harmonix Golden Performance XLR Interconnect 1 M
Music First Passive Magnetic Preamp
Pre-Audio ASP1501N Turntable
Emille Labs KI-40L Tube Integrated Amp *Price Drop
Ortofon A95 Cartridge
Constellation Centaur Mono Block
Constellation Virgo II Preamplifier
Acrolink 6N-S5000 Speaker Cables Banana Connectors
Rega P5 TurnTable w/ Ortofon Quintet Red Cartridge
Triangle Art Osiris 12" Tonearm - price reduced
SoTM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition
Devialet Phantom with Treepod
hORNS Aria 1 Loudspeaker
Kimber Kable Select KS 9038 Speakers jumper
Request Audio The Beast
Aesthetix Janus Pre Amp
Audio Note AN-V Silver 5M pair RCA Interconnect
Audio Note Ankoru Single-Ended 845 Tube Power Amp.
Airtight ATM-300 30th Anniversary power amp
Raidho XT-1 Speakers with original stand
Audio Note AN-E LX Speaker in Apple Finish
Dr Feickert Woodpecker Turntable in Pear wood
Naim CD 555PS DR Power Supply
Shunyata Research Triton Version 1
Audio Note AN-K LX in Apple Finish
Naim NA CDS 3 CD Player

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