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Payment Modes

The payment modes described here are available to customers who wish to purchase our audio equipment. These methods are suitable for our overseas (outside Singapore) customers. For our Singapore's local customers, you are invited to complete your purchases in our showroom.

For our overseas buyers, please take note that as much as care is taken to ensure good packing, we will not be liable for damages due to shipping and handling. Please ensure that your purchase is properly insured before shipping. We can advise on insurance charges if required.

We accept two (2) modes of payment:

  1. Telegraph Transfer (T/T)

    This is a preferred and easy method of payment using direct transfer to our bank account. Upon purchase confirmation, we will email you our banking details for the transfer. It will normally takes 2-3 days for the payment transfer.

    There is a bank charge of SGD 20 to be covered.

  2. Credit Card payment using Pay Pal

    • Upon your purchase confirmation via email

    • Go to and set up a personal account with them.

    • Next, use their "Send Money" link.
      When asked, enter our e-mail address as and the purchase amount

    • Paypal will send us an email message to confirm the payment. We will send out the order once we receive the payment.

    • Paypal fee of 3.5% of total amount applies.
Shipping charges

Products (up to 30kg) are shipped via SpeedPost Worldwide Courier (SPWC). Delivery time is between 1-3 days to major cities. Shipment over 30kg will be handled by FedEx.

Samples of shipping charges (not including insurance):
These figures are indicative only. Prices may vary depending on the cities.

SpeedPost (1 kg) Price (USD)
US/Europe $35
China $25
Philippines $20

SpeedPost (10 kg) Price (USD)
US/Europe $130
China $100
Philippines $70

SpeedPost (30 kg) Price (USD)
US/Europe $250
China $150
Philippines $90