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Ortofon MC Rondo Cartridge - Blue (Display set)
*Price is for per piece.

Ortofon's Rondo Blue Gets the Music Right!

Middle of the Rondo Series, the Rondo Blue is super smooth, with excellent resolution and a neutral tonal balance. The Rondo Blue has a lively and detailed presentation, a bit more open and dynamic than the Rondo Red. The Blue’s more responsive FG70 stylus rides deeper in the groove, unveiling previously obscured detail and creating a large, well-defined soundstage.

"I've reviewed several Ortofons in the last ten years and found they begin at excellent and go up from there. The Rondo Blue is an under-a-grand pickup that offers many of the advantages of higher-priced moving coils without breaking the bank. Enthusiastically recommended both for its terrific value and its obvious overall excellence. And there is its wonderful way with voices."
- Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, January 2010

The Rondo Series replaces several Kontrapunkt cartridges, bringing the outstanding sound quality of that vaunted series to a more affordable price point. The exotic looking bodies in the Rondo series are made in Japan, the precision-molded body created from a 55/45 mix of powdered wood and resin, a combination extremely effective at reducing resonance and vibration. The body is then lacquered with a Japanese Urushi coating endowing each Rondo with an intentionally random and gorgeously exotic finish.

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Original Retail Price: 719

Marantz ST-15S1 DAB & FM Tuner
Price drop to $499.00

Purely for the purist: the ST-15S1 DAB and FM tuner. It rounds off the Marantz Premium Range as a fully complete collection.The ST-15S1 also includes immaculate power supply regulation, easy tuning, and high-quality audio DAC. And with a final touch of style, the switchable blue illumination means that stereo radio has never sounded and looked this good.
*Very good condition. No box.

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Original Retail Price: 1260

Ortofon Reference SPK-400 speaker cable 2.5 meters
Ortofon Reference SPK-400 Speaker cable boosts its capability of capturing finer signal resolution, thus delivering more brilliant, cleaner and clearer sound with the razor-sharp detail.

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Acrolink PC 6100 Power Cord in 2M
ACROLINK is a Japanese High End Cable Manufacturer. People often say the frontier high technology at present promotes the higher technology in the next generation.Copper that has six nines (6N) or greater purity and is used for audio cables falls into this category.
*In excellent conditions come with original box and certificate.

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Original Retail Price: 1500

HRS couplers only
“The HRS Nimbus System incorporates a highly effective design to eliminate component chassis noise revealing a new level of musical performance. This is a special system utilized by audiophiles and industry professionals as their reference chassis noise reduction system.

*$30.00 each.(11 pcs available)

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Devialet Workshop Class @

We will be hosting a workshop on the Devialet Configurator.

This workshop will cover all the necessary information to get you started and to allow you to achieve the best sound Devialet Expert Pro has to offer.

So if you already owned or intending to purchase a Devialet Expert Pro integrated hybrid Class A/D amplifier, this is an opportunity you can't miss!

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Kimber Kable Hero HB Audio Interconnects 1m
Hero HB is an analogue interconnect based on proven Kimber technologies and design goals. Features include the unique GryoQuadratic field geometry, VariStrand, hyper-pure copper and silver conductors, and dual FEP insulating technology. It draws you into the music by correctly presenting the harmonic structure and emotion of the actual performance, as well as by delivering holographic imaging, detail and bass impact.

Kimber Kable Hero HB Features
-GyroQuadratic field geometry
-Hyper-pure copper and silver conductors
-Dual FEP insulating technology

Very good condition
Come with original box

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Original Retail Price: USD900

Telos Audio Black Ref. Power Cord 1.5m
The Black Reference Series is uncompromising in terms of materials and every cable is relentlessly handcrafted. The sound of the new Black Reference Series is well balanced, transparent and high in density throughout the extended frequency response. This will break and surpass the performance threshold achieved by any cable within the price bracket, thus, setting the new benchmark for the rest to catch up.

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Verastarr Grand Illusion Series
The Grand Illusion line of VERASTARR cables is made with our proprietary high purity metal foils and connectors. Furthermore we perform 2 special processes during the manufacture of our AudioFoils that improve the performance over standard high purity metal foil. Inside the cables we use a low loss dielectric (insulation) that has been treated to drain static electricity which is found in every home or office, especially around synthetic carpet.
* No box.

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Shunyata Python Digital Cable S/PDIF (1M)
The Python Speaker Cables bring a new technology to the fore that has no equal in terms of its impact on cable performance. Shunyata'spatent-pending technology insures that the Python speaker cables will offer performance like no other, but at a price that will allow it to fit comfortably into most high-end budgets!

The Python Interconnect and Speaker Cables were designed, tested and proven to outperform the crowded cost-no-object cable category currently on the market. Rather than set its retail prices astronomically high based on performance, Shunyata Research has committed to reversing the trend of inflated pricing in the cable industry. The Python signal cable systems are priced reasonably so they will find a welcome home in all serious playback and recording environments

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Harmonix SF-200 EBS Tuning Feet
SF-200 EBS Incorporates resonance control insulator for caster-equipped loudspeakers and pianos.
- Cherry wood
- (95mm dia. x 19mm) Set of 4

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Original Retail Price: USD 865

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