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Air Tight
Review TitlePublicationDate
Power AmplifierAir Tight ATM-211High Fidenlity2014

Audience Audio
Review TitlePublicationDate
Power ConditioneradeptResponse 12-TSPositive FeedbackIssue 57
Power ConditioneradeptResponse aR6-TS Power ConditionerUltra AudioJan 2012
Power ConditioneradeptResponse aR6-TSS ACRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderTASSep 2013
CablesAu24 SE Phono CablesPositive FeedbackOct 2014
CablesAu24 SE Power, Au24 SE Interconnect, and Au24 SE Speaker CablesTASJan 2015
CablesAu24 SE powerChords, Interconnects, and Speaker CablesSoundStageOct 2014
CablesAu24 SE USB CableRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderTASJul 2015
Power ConditionerAudience aR12-TS Power ConditionerSoundStage HifiMar 2012
CablesAudience Au24-SX World-Class CablesEnjoy the MusicAug 2016
SpeakerAudience ClairAudient 1+1 monitorsStereo Times2015
CablesAudience Ohno Speaker Cables & InterconnectsRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderTASJul 2016
SystemClairAudient 1+1 LoudspeakersPositive FeedbackMay 2014
SpeakerClairAudient 1+1 Personal Reference MonitrRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderTASOct 2014
SpeakerClairAudient 1+1 V2 and V2+DagogoOct 2015

Audio Note
Review TitlePublicationDate
SpeakerAN-K/SPe speakersDagogoMay 2015
SpeakerAudio Note (UK) E/LX HempDAGOGOSep 2016
OthersAudio Note Factory VisitRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderAudio TechniqueMay 2013
Phono AmplifiierAudio Note M10 SignaturedagogoMay 2017
Integrated AmplifierAudio Note Meishu Silver SignaturePTAJan 2017
Power AmplifierAudio Note P1 SEStereo Times2015

Audio Union
Review TitlePublicationDate
TurntableAudio Union Helix OneRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderStereophileMar 2017

Avantgarde Acoutics
Review TitlePublicationDate
SpeakerAcoustic Zero 1 Pro LoudspeakerTASSep 2014
SpeakerMasterpieces from AvantgardeTASFeb 2014

Review TitlePublicationDate
Integrated AmplifierDevialet 400 Integrated AmplifierPositive FeedbackDec 2015
Integrated AmplifierDevialet 400 Mono Integrated Amplifier-DACsSoundStageApr 2015
Integrated AmplifierDevialet Expert 130 Pro DAC-Integrated AmplifierSoundStageMay 2017
Integrated AmplifierExpert 2006moonsFeb 2016
Integrated AmplifierLimited edition L’Original d’AtelierDARNov 2015
SpeakerSilver PhantomSoundStageFeb 2016
SpeakerSilver Phantom (Part 1)DARFeb 2016
SpeakerSilver Phantom (Part 2)DARFeb 2016

Dr Feickert Analogue
Review TitlePublicationDate
TurntableDr, Feickert Analogue WoodpeckerRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderMy-HiEndNo. 3

Review TitlePublicationDate
Tone armDurand Tonearms – TaleaTone Audio2012

Review TitlePublicationDate
SpeakerFontaine Signature LoudspeakersUltra AudioApr 2012

Harmonic Resolution Systems
Review TitlePublicationDate
FurnitureFirst Sounds: Harmonic Resolution Systems RXR and R-ShelfAudio BeatDec 2015
FurnitureRXR/R-Shelf Equipment-Support SystemTABDec 2016

Review TitlePublicationDate
Cables TU-666M "BeauTone" Million Maestro 20th Anniversary Ed.High FidelityJun 2015
IsolationA Sharp Spike in SoundRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderStereoApr 2014
IsolationA Sharp Spike in SoundRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderStereoApr 2014
IsolationCheckmate!Requires Adobe Acrobat ReaderAbsolute FidelitySep 2013
IsolationCS-210 Improved VersionRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderHiFi Choice2015
IsolationHS-101 Improved SRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderHiFi ChoiceDec 2013
IsolationHS-101 Improved S & CS-120 ImprovedRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderStereo LifeJun 2014
IsolationThe Missing LinkRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderUK Image HiFiApr 2014
CablesX-DC Studio Master Million MaestroHigh FidelityJun 2015
CablesX-DC20SM MILLION MAESTRO Power CablePositive FeedbackIssue 79
IsolationX-DC350M2R Improved VersionRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderHiFi ChoiceJun 2013

Leben Hifi
Review TitlePublicationDate
Integrated AmplifierApex Pinnacle vs Leben CS300XSHead-FiDec 2011
Integrated AmplifierIntegrated Headphone JoyHeadphoneerApr 2014
Integrated AmplifierLeben CS300XS Integrated Valve AmplifierWitch DoctorAug 2016

Miyajima Laboratory
Review TitlePublicationDate
CartridgeKansai moving coil cartridgehifi+Mar 2015
CartridgeMADAKEHigh FidelityJun 2015
CartridgeMadake Moving Coil Phono Cartridge10 AudioDec 2014
CartridgeThe Blackwood BoogiePaul RigbyJan 2016

Review TitlePublicationDate
CartridgeMC A95 Moving-Coil CartridgeRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderTASDec 2015
Tone armTA-110 Rubber Injected TonearmDAGOGODec 2011

Review TitlePublicationDate
TurntablePre-audio BT-1301High FidelityMar 2014
TurntablePre-audio’s intriguing BT-1301 TurntableWall of SoundAug 2015

Raidho Acoustics
Review TitlePublicationDate
SpeakerRaidho D-5.1TASNov 2016
SpeakerRaidho ReviewsRaidho2016
SpeakerRaidho X-1TASMay 2915
Integrated AmplifierThe Sublime Musicality of Raidho AcousticsPart-time AudiophileMay 2016

Review TitlePublicationDate
Tone armREED 3PHigh FidelityMay 2013
Tone armReed 3P TonearmPositive FeedbackMar 2014

Request Audio
Review TitlePublicationDate
OthersThe BeastRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderAudio Art2015
OthersThe Beast Music ServerRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderHiFi & HiVi Monthly2015
OthersThe Beast Music ServerRequires Adobe Acrobat Readerhifi+Apr 2015

Shunyata Research
Review TitlePublicationDate
Power ConditionerDenali SeriesAudiostreamSep 2016
Power ConditionerHydra DPC-6 Digital Power Distribution CenterAudioStreamOct 2014
Power ConditionerHydra Triton v2, Hydra Typhon, Hydra DPC-6 v2Audio StreamAug 2015
CablesPower Cable Tryouts (Part 1)SoundStageJan 2016
CablesPower Cable Tryouts (Part 2)SoundStageFeb 2016
Power ConditionerShunyata Research Hydra Triton v2TABJuly 2015
IsolationShunyata Venom PS8 Power DistributorWOSJul 2014
CablesSigma Power CordsTABAug 2015
CablesSigma Power CordsTABAug 2015
CablesVenom Interconnects, Speaker Cables and Power CordsAudio BeatMar 2016
CablesVenom USB CableAudio StreamApr 2015

Review TitlePublicationDate
OthersDX-USB HD6moonsJan 2013
OtherssMS-100 Network StreamerHeadManiaAug 2014
OtherssMS-1000D Server6moonsNov 2013
OtherssMS-1000SQ music serverPT AudiophileFeb 2016
OtherssMS-1000U Music ServerAudio StreamOct 2014
OthersSOtM sMS-1000 Audiophile Music Server ReviewComputer AudiophileDec 2012
DACsPS-1000 DAC6moonsJun 2013

Review TitlePublicationDate
IsolationAn Effective Dem from ShunyataStereophileMay 2013
IsolationNotable Quote on StillpointsRequires Adobe Acrobat Reader*2014
IsolationStillpoints (Part Two)hifi+Jun 2013
IsolationStillPoints GridsStereo Times2016
FurnitureThe Stillpoints ESS Reference Rack SystemPositive FeedbackIssue 85
IsolationThe Stillpoints ExperienceTASMar 2014
IsolationUltra 5, Ultra SS, Ultra Mini and Ultra Basehif-adviceMay 2013
IsolationUltra Mini, Ultra SS and Ultra 5 Footers, and ESS Equipment RackTABJul 2013

Review TitlePublicationDate
CartridgeAixa SRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderHifi WorldNov 2014
CartridgeAxia MC CartridgePostive FeedbackMar 2014
CartridgePhoenix S Phono CartridgeSound StageAug 2014
CartridgeProteus cartridgeRequires Adobe Acrobat Readerhifi+Issue 125
CartridgeProteus MC phono cartridgeStereophileOct 2014
CartridgeTransfiguration ProteusRequires Adobe Acrobat ReaderJason Kennedy2015
CartridgeTransfiguration Proteus Moving Coil CartridgePostive FeedbackJul 2015

Review TitlePublicationDate
Tone armTri-Planar Ultimate 12" TonearmAudiophiliaMay 2013
Tone armUltimate II TonearmDAGOGOFeb 2014