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Shunyata has released the new NR series Power Cords
4 May 2017

We are excited to announce the official release of the new DELTA NR, ALPHA NR and SIGMA NR Power Cords. These highly anticipated NR (noise reducing) Power Cords are available and ready to order. We are expecting our first shipment to come in June 2017. Do call us if you have any enquiries.

Shunyata Research’s NR Series of power cords incorporate on-board CCI noise reduction filters. Also, the ‘Kinetic Phase Inversion Process’, termed KPIP, makes its first Power Cord appearance in these new NR versions. KPIP is more than just another break-in process and literally pre-conditions conductors more effectively and better then any other burn in device in the world today. KPIP not only makes expensive, lengthy burn-in of cables a thing of the past, it elevates the performance of all products it is applied to.

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