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These products can be viewed in our showroom. For enquiries, call us at (65) 6334 7639 or email us. For overseas buyers, click here for payment methods and insurance. Prices stated are in Singapore Dollars (SGD), unless otherwise stated. Prices exclude shipping charges, applicable service taxes. Prices with "*" are indicative only.

Last updated: 26 Jul 2017. 51 AVAILABLE items.

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Shunyata Alpha Digital C19 1.75m @40%OFF
The ΞTRON® α ALPHA DIGITAL is tuned specifically for the ultra high Megahertz and Gigahertz noise generated by digital component power supplies. It delivers a dramatic measurable reduction in both component and power line generated noise.

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Great value for an ex-demo set especially at this price!

Selling Prices
Original Retail Price: USD 1,000

Shunyata Venom Digital C15 1.75m @40%OFF
The VENOM DIGITAL power cord contains a unique, noise canceling circuit that filters ultra-high frequency noise commonly associated with digital electronic power supplies. The VENOM DIGITAL uses the same conductors as the award winning VENOM-3 power cord but terminated with audiophile grade connectors.

New Old Stock - LAST unit at special price.
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Selling Prices
Original Retail Price: S$580

Audience aR-2p @50%OFF
The aR2p family of power conditioners won me over with small size and big sound. They imbued both excitement and slam to the music and are highly musical and natural sounding.

New Old Stock. Priced to clear.

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Original Retail Price: S$1,008

Ceraball Ceramic Ball Isolator
The genesis of the Cerafamily offers an excellent access into the world of finite elemente’s sound enhancing systems. Being in the second generation already, Ceraball universal provides a screw-on function as well as a budget price. For owners of the company’s Spider rack the Ceraball spider version is an indispensable sound tuning accessory.

The 'Cera' in finite elemente's range of isolators refers to the ceramic ball at the heart of each unit.

The basic model of the Cera family offers an excellent access path into the world of finite elemente’s sound enhancing systems. Being in the second generation already, Ceraball universal provides a screw-on function as well as a budget price. For owners of the company’s Spider rack the Ceraball spider version is an indispensable sound tuning accessory.

In Excellent Condition. Comes with original box.
4 boxes available.

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Selling Prices
Original Retail Price: 400

The Chord Company Chameleon VEE3
The Chord Company Chameleon VEE3 Review. The Chameleon RCA is an affordable RCA for audiophile HiFi systems that adds a higher degree of black/white accuracy during analogue transmission.

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In excellent condition.

Selling Prices
Original Retail Price: 130.00

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Featured Product
KL International AV Show 28-30 July 2017

Catch us at the KL International AV Show 2017 at Putra Sunway. Avantgarde Acoustic, Audio Note, Aavik, Ansuz cables, Dohmann Helix, Dr Feickert Analogue turntables, Devialet, HRS, Reed, Thomas Schroder, Lyra, Raidho Acoustic, Leben and many more.
We will be occypying 2 conference rooms at hotel lobby. Come by and visit us.

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Shunyata PS8 Power Conditioner
The Shunyata Venom system refined the voicing of my system to an extent I never would have predicted at the outset. And I never felt the music was being compromised.

In Excellent Condition. Comes with special footers.

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Selling Prices
Original Retail Price: 1050

Nordost Vishu Power Cord
The Nordost Vishnu power cord sets a new standard of performance at its price. Vishnu offers superb sound stage and increased dynamic range in the audio arena.

In Excellent Condition.

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Selling Prices
Original Retail Price: 750

Audio Note AN-VX 31 1 meter RCA interconnect
Silver grey sleeving. Symmetrical 99.999% silver litz co-axial 31 strands 0.09 mm diameter cable. Outer screened copper mesh. Audio Note™ interconnects are designed for maximum signal transfer and minimum loss over the audio band, we regard these the most important factors.
Audio Note™ interconnects are equally at home in both the analogue and the digital domain, and excellent results can be expected in both areas.

Excellent condition.

Selling Prices
Original Retail Price: 1980

Furutech Alpha 3 power cord 2.5 meters length
Furutech Alpha 3 - This is an excellent all around cable. Warm, and very smooth. It's fairly musical and has good resolution. I would put it above the Neotech NEP-3001 which is an exceptional value. At first I didn't think so, but I realized that the Alpha 3 is a more natural sounding (closer to a live performance), especially with voices.

2.5 meters length.
FI-48M(R) US plug

2 pieces available.

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JPS Digital AC-X Power Cord 2M
THE DIGITAL AC -X is an excellent cable for any digital based component, creating a smoother, more "analog environment" for audio and video. Uniquely engineered specifically for the elimination of digital based noise, it very effectively eliminates what we call digititis, the harshness and background noise present and very difficult to remove in all digital sources. Most all devices that plug into a wall outlet act as noise sources creating an invisible shower of high frequency energy causing sophisticated electronics to error and perform well below their capabilities. Even the finest audio and video component's generate noise, limiting themselves of fine detail and resolution.
Using advanced engineering, THE DIGITAL AC-X effectively ISOLATES and ABSORBS any noise within the cord itself for over a 100 fold decrease, allowing any quality digital component to provide amazingly real inner detail and resolution while offering smoother sound and video. THE DIGITAL AC-X is a proven universal winner for nearly 20 years. It's forward thinking design offers universal improvement on any quality digital based lower power equipment including CD, Blu-Ray, SACD, or DVD player, DAC, transport, or computer server (receivers must have the larger Power AC, Kaptovator, or Aluminata AC cables). It also allows for a more lifelike picture when used with a projector, DVD player, flat screen TV's, or any other digital based quality video component which will accept a detachable IEC style AC cord.
THE DIGITAL AC-X will also keep other components clean on the same circuit, and when used on a computer or music server will contain all of that processor noise within the cord.
Any digital audio component will respond with greater resolution and a more 'human' output to your ears or eyes. THE DIGITAL AC-X is the most significant improvement that can be made to the origin of your signal.

2 meters length.

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