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Audio Space Galaxy 88 Vacuum Tub Stereo Power Amp
The construction quality is first rate with a very nice shiny black paint job.There are a total of eight tubes consisting of 2x6SL7, 2x6SN7, 4xKT-88’s. All of them sport the in-house Audio Space logo and are of Chinese Shuguang manufacture. Three inputs are provided - all RCA’s. The Galaxy 88 is not balanced, but has a very impressive host of features not normally found on integrateds at this price point, or even higher priced for that matter.
The amp is capable of operating in two different modes – ultralinear and triode. Each mode differs significantly in its output power and sound characteristics with the ultralinear being the more powerful at 48 wpc while the Triode mode reduces output to 24 wpc. Ultralinear gives you more punchiness and drive while the Triode mode provides greater detail and an expanded soundstage. What’s really cool is that you can switch between modes from your listening position while your music is playing via the very substantial remote control. Therefore, if you are listening to rock, you may wish to change to Ultralinear, jazz or classical may call for the Triode mode. Either way, the choice is purely up to you. In fact, say you are listening to rock in Ultra when a soft ballad cut starts. With one button, you could change to Triode for more detail in the vocal. This feature was used often and very much appreciated.
The remote lets you not only adjust volume (very smoothly and precisely), but also change inputs with small (and not overly bright) LEDS on the front panel signifying the alteration. You can mute the sound completely with one touch if needed. There’s also that one touch switch between modes we already discussed. The solid-feeling metal remote reflects the quality construction of the amp. It is just substantial enough to not be easily lost, yet not cumbersome or annoying. Good ergonomics.
Yes, there is a headphone jack – another nice feature not often found at any price.

Click here come with remote and box. Very new condition.

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