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Shunyata Research Triton Version 2
Hear lifelike musical performances, riveting dynamics, impeccable pacing, and stunningly black backgrounds in an instant when you add the Shunyata Hydra Triton v2 power conditioner to your system. This standout staple component serves as both a high-end audio flagship and state-of-the-art engineering vision. Made in the U.S.A., Triton v2 touts wholesale improvements over its award-winning v1 processor and boasts front-to-back enhancements that make your music and movies sound – and look – hyper-realistic. You can read about the complex technical features, parts, and implementations in understandable laymen's terms below, but for now, simply know that Triton v2 takes power-conditioning capability into reference-grade territory. Shunyata thoroughly considered and subsequently tested each and every detail, component, and effect inside and outside Triton v2. You've never heard your music sound this immediate, responsive, and present

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