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Shunyata Aries RCA Interconnect
Shunyata Research came into being as the result of Caelin Gabriel's 15 years as the leading researcher for the National Security Agency, or NSA for short. Working in the field of low-level signal emissions, Gabriel developed equipment designed to extract and decode the most minute transmitted signal. With the elimination of electronic noise as an essential goal in this endeavor, Gabriel's skill set is a perfect fit for the field of high-end audio wire.

For reviewers, it is all too easy to sing the praises of the latest entry into the high-end wire game. I have become rather blasé when confronted by the prices of some of the mainstream manufacturers’ mega-cables and power cords. But the Aries interconnect makes this an exiting opportunity to spread the word -- for two very important reasons. First, the Aries is the jewel of the Shunyata Constellation series, not an easy achievement in such an accomplished repertoire, and it is also one of the finest interconnects I have ever used. Second, at $650 per meter pair, the Aries is one hell of a great deal.

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