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Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha 1.8M
The Taipan Alpha ($695 USD) is a chunky, 1"-thick sausage of a cord that sits at the entry point of Shunyata Research’s Helix line. While it’s very flexible -- a godsend when you’re trying to maneuver behind a heavily spiked equipment rack -- it’s still solid and sturdy enough to inspire confidence. The silky outer sheath and tightly integrated heat shrink spell high-end quality even before the cord is plugged in. Inside, the Taipan employs five conductors, hand-braided in Shunyata’s patented counter-rotating Helix geometry. Each conductor crosses its neighbor at close to 90 degrees, which, according to Shunyata, results in exceptional reduction of AC reactance and rejection of EMI and RFI.

The conductors are of CDA-101 copper, which Shunyata emphatically states is the purest, highest grade available. The five conductors combine to an aggregate of 10-gauge. The AC and IEC connectors are Shunyata’s proprietary Venom model, thickly plated with silver and treated in the company’s own cryogenic facility.
* Good condition, with box.

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