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Art Audio Carissa Signature @New Low Price
The Carissa has real dynamic growl, and sounds far more powerful than her rated power output. On an efficient loudspeaker she sounds more like 60 than 16 watts. Frequency wise, for a single-ended amplifier she reaches waayyy down there and I'd guess to at least 30 hertz completely flat and with plenty of power for most any normal load, while having a clear and extended treble.

Harmonically, she offers gobs of detail and nuance as I could easily hear deep into both stage and noise floor.

I can see myself doing just that ¨C building a system around the Carissa as she joyfully and with near completeness delivers not just a balanced, nuanced and detailed window into recordings, she also gets to the soul of every piece of music that passes though her. And while I have tried over the years to describe exactly what soul is, I know this, in the Carissa I hear it and I think you will too. Most highly recommended.

In Excellent Condition. Please note that this is the Signature version with highly upgraded components and power supply, providing a much improved sound quality over the standard version Carissa.

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